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My New Favorite React Template

tldr; GitHub link to the template

As many people reading may be aware, I’ve been on the job hunt for the past few weeks. A couple companies I’ve been interviewing with have given me take-home projects to build out as part of a technical evaluation.

One of these projects I built was an app for looking up information about countries. I built this app based off Trevor Blades’ Countries GraphQL API. The more I worked with this project over the couple days I had to complete it, the more I liked the project setup that I had put in place.

This project had everything that I needed for most day-to-day project work, including Next.js, TypeScript, my favorite testing setup, Apollo Client, Tailwind CSS and more! So, in preparation for the possibility of more of these projects in the future, or even for sandbox testing out new things, I set up this template project.

The tools I included are:

For more information about the project, setup instructions, and usage instructions, see the project’s README.